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Children are naturally talented and naturally curious.Our preschool program puts our children’s talent and curiosity together and offers participation in a variety of play-related and hands-on experiences designed to develop learning readiness, physical coordination and development, and the social skills necessary to be successful in a classroom setting. 

The goal of our program is to provide opportunities for children to develop into confident, competent students in all four growth areas – physical, social, intellectual, and emotional. A full spectrum of activities is provided including music, technology, art, and play. 

“If we want our children to move mountains, we first have to let them get out of their chairs.” – Nicolette Sowder
I am a firm believer that children learn best when they are given the tools and opportunities to explore the world. Each child is unique and learns at a different pace. At our preschool, we support and encourage all children on their journey to learn skills and find passions, which will pave the path for their future successes.

Preschool Teacher

QSIS Preschool - At a Glance

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