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Quality Schools International (QSI) is a nonprofit organization operating international schools around the world. Mr. H. Duane Root, current Vice President of QSI, and Mr. James E. Gilson, current President of QSI, co-founded Quality Schools International to address the need for international schools in new locations.

In May of 1991, Mr. Gilson traveled to Albania to have a look at a country just emerging from over 45 years of dictatorial rule. During his time there, he met some key people in the Tirana community and made a decision to begin Tirana International School. Continuing expansion has resulted in an organization that today offers excellence in education in more than 30 countries.

QSI Headquarters is managed by the Director of Operations and located in Malta. QSI Headquarter departments include: Personnel; Legal; Finance; Technology; Development; Resource & Curriculum; Accreditation & Information; Marketing & Conferences; and Insurance. The QSI President resides in the United States.

QSI Regional Supervisors are located in regional locations. Regional supervisors provide guidance and support to designated QSI schools.  Specific regions are divided as follows:

Balkans and Caucasus Central Asia
Central Asia
Central and South America East Asia

QSI United States Business Office is located in Wilder, Idaho, USA. This office expedites financial transactions for QSI.

QSS (Quality Schools Services) is located in Wilder, Idaho, USA. The following offices are housed there: Vice President, Shipping Manager, and Shipping Assistants. QSS provides services for ordering, collection, and shipping of school materials to most QSI schools.

It is an exciting time to be in the world and to be involved in education! QSI looks forward to providing excellence in education for international children living in many countries and to providing career opportunities for caring and competent educators.